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Yoga in El Salvador


We post a lot of blogs and [ 

We post a lot of blogs and]1 and all the wonderful things to do and see there, but Costa Rica is not the only vacation destination in Central America.  Similar to Costa Rica in its tropical beauty of volcanoes, forests, waterfalls and beaches, but with a touch more ancient history evidenced by Mayan ruins, the country of El Salvador is not to be overlooked as a top destination by car rental in Central America.

A destination waiting to be added to our list of Top Yoga Destinations, you can plan an excellent relaxing yoga retreat with a cheap 7 seater car rental in El Salvador.  The elements of nature abound here, with several vacation spots throughout the small country where one can tune out daily life and tune into harmony with mother earth.  Be it on the beach, or in a mountain ecolodge, peace can be found in the welcoming country of El Salvador that provides the perfect setting to further your yoga practice. 

El Salvador is just one of the many locations listed by The Travel Yoga, a website dedicated to coordinating yoga retreats in top travel destinations.  The yoga retreat they offer in El Salvador sounds positively delightful.  Although I'm not into surfing, there are options for spending time visiting ruins, enjoying the amenities of the hotel, and of course plenty of yoga filling the itinerary.  Other destinations listed on The Travel Yoga include Cabo, Aruba, Bali, Santorini, and Galapagos.  You can save the most money on your next yoga vacation anywhere in the world or visit to El Salvador with a cheap car rental from

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