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Tips for a Pain-free Summer Holiday

The challenges of fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders can make some reluctant to travel this summer. However, new experiences, fresh air, and stress-free time away can often be beneficial for both mind and body. By packing properly, planning ahead for flare-ups, and taking these tips listed below you can set out on the road to a pleasant summer holiday by car hire.

  1. Prepare to be relaxed. You can do this in many ways but one that works well for road trips is to make a playlist of relaxing music on your MP3 player. Stress is a big factor in fibro symptoms, so why not soothe tense body parts before they become fatigued with the right songs. Most car rentals have MP3 hook-ups these days so you can ride along to your own tunes in any city around the world.  Check out the Audi Q7 car hire which not only has a great MP3 music interface, but offers super smooth suspension to provide a cushy ride for travelers with aches and pains.

  2. Pack smart. Straining to deal with bulky, heavy luggage can set you up for pinched nerves and a painful trip. Coordinate your clothes to make fewer items go further, choose a color scheme, and limit your shoes to 3 pairs. Keep the weight down by transferring your liquid products to smaller containers.

Even if you manage to keep the weight of your bags down, you can avoid a lot of lifting and lugging by avoiding the airport or consider taking a one way car rental to your destination and flying back home.  This way you won't need to move your bags around by hand nearly as much and you can take advantage of help at your hotel.

  1. Plan frequent stops. When you break up your drive time you are more likely to drink more water, and staying hydrated can ward off many fibro symptoms. Even if you only stop for five minutes, thats enough to greatly improve your circulation, reduce stiffness, and prevent a lot of joint pain. If possible, share driving shifts in your car rental with another person to prevent muscle fatigue.
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