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Staying In Shape On The Road


Do you exercise when you travel by car rental?  Do you try to stick to a healthy diet when traveling against the pressures of time and convenience?  Like many vacationers I know I have mysteriously put on weight while traveling, but what about those who travel regularly for business?   Is there a way for casual vacationers and business travelers alike to stay in shape, or even better, GET in shape while traveling?  


Burpies Everywhere

A good workout will travel.  You don't need any fancy equipment, a lot of space, or very much of anything besides the will and a little energy to do all-time body-busters like burpies when you travel by car hire.  If you're not sure what a burpie is you can check out these traveling burpie enthusiasts in the Burpies Everywhere video.  For a more well rounded exercise program that virtually any traveler anywhere can do with just their own body weight I highly suggest Zuzka Light's Youtube channel.

Weighted Luggage?

What do you do when your fitness routine requires a bit more than bodyweight exercises?  The interval training experts on have a number of short and highly effective workouts that require weights, a sandbag, or other simple equipment.  Why not pack an exercise sandbag as your travel on?  The durable and versatile Ultimate Sandbag would a make a great choice so you could actually weight train with your luggage!

Driving Diet

This is probably the hardest part, as planning ahead is the key to making healthy choices and it is almost impossible to know what dining options you will have when you travel to a new destination in a car rental… or is it?  Smart phones now offer a variety of apps that help travelers find restaurants and even healthy food options in car rental locations around the world!  Check out your app store and see what's available.

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