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New Year's Resolutions

The long drive home by car rental after the holiday celebrations with family can be a great time to ponder what will come in the new year.  Take advantage of these last few moments of the passing year to remember the highlights of 2011, and make plans for more good times ahead in 2012.  Will you make a New Year's resolution?  Here are a few classics to consider.

Lose Weight

After holiday a bit of fruit cake, cookies, and grandma's pot roast most of us are feeling the weight of the holidays in full force.  Reserve a car rental in one of the world's Top 10 Beaches, buy a new swimsuit, and make a firm resolution to drop a few before next holiday season!

Learn Something New

Pick up a new craft, study an instrument, or become fluent in that language you "studied" in high school.  Make your car hire destinations for next year in a country that speaks your target language to seal the deal.  You can get started or perfect your second (or third, or fourth) language on, where real live people from around the world will help you for free in their native language.

Get on a Schedule 

The entire earth and all it's plants and animals move to a logical rhythm influenced by the celestial bodies except for humans.  As highly evolved as we are some of us live in such a highly illogical way as to go against our natural circadian rhythms and it causes a whole slew of health and life complications.  Getting yourself on a healthy schedule can help with weight loss, memory, mood, and much more.  To find out more and assess your own personal schedule take this short quiz from the BBC.

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