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How To Travel Without Money


The way in which most of us design and plan our vacations traveling without money isn't really an option.  However, there are many ways in which the average traveler can do to eliminate money exchanges in your travels without giving up creature comforts or relying on handouts.  Get motivated to change the way you exchange with this great video by Sprit Science, then check out my tips below on how the average traveler can make this work in their next trip by car rental.

Couch Surfing

The first way that comes to mind to eliminate direct currency exchange in your next destination would be Couch Surfing.  A world wide community of friendly travelers who open their homes to each other, you can use skills, possessions, or other exchanges you already have to compensate your host for their hospitality.

Work Trade

If you would be willing to shovel shit all day if it meant you could spend some time away from your city job out in the fresh air, then work trade would be an excellent option for you.  There are great organizations out there who assist farms in finding travelers like yourself; check out the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or begin by looking up small farms in your next car rental destination.

Take Your Show On The Road

Do you have a particular skill you are good at?  Do you make jewelry, knit, draw, or have any other portable passion you could bring with you in a car rental?  You would be surprised how many fish you will catch if you just throw out the line.  As a professional hairdresser you wouldn't believe how many haircuts I have done in exchange for awesome things like t-shirts and even organic veggies just for making it known that I had my shears on hand!

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