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Go Running in Your Car Rental Destination


I absolutely love running.  I honestly believe it helps me be a better person.  Seriously.  There are a lot of frustrations in life that have no reasonable outlet; controlling yourself enough to live well in an adult world deserves some rewards and one of those is running.  How could a physically punishing activity be rewarding?  An hour pounding the pavement gives me more patience as a mother (most importantly), more patience in any number of inconvenient or frustrating situations I may encounter in a given day, and helps me stay in shape.  I love to run wherever I travel by car rental.  In some ways my time out to take a nice run alone is the highlight of my travels.  Here are some of the places on my list of car rental destinations where I'd like to go for a run.

Central Park, New York City

This park is huge, beautiful, and I couldn't imagine a better place for people watching.  One could probably find hundreds of great places to go running if you had a car rental in New York City to scout them out, but my list starts with Central Park.

Lands End, San Francisco

One might imagine running through a hilly city like San Francisco to be misery (although I have met a few runners who lived for the hills), but there are several relatively easy runs that provide stunning scenery in the city.  Lands End offers a refreshing coastal view and plenty of space for you to run your own way.  

Mata-Solana, Spain

Pick up your car rental in Barcelona, Spain for a trip to run in this small village.  Speaking of hills, running in Mata-Solana will burn even the most seasoned thighs, but its the beautiful landscapes that will keep you in a peaceful runner's high.  

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