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Get Music For Your Car Hire

The first thing I think of when I picture a road trip is the sound track.  In my opinion, the playlist you choose is just as important as the scenery on your next trip by car hire.  Finding the right songs, or music in general, can be tricky.  I'm from the Napster generation, and I remember the days when you could download any song for free if you had a fast enough (dial-up) connection and enough hard drive!  Here I give a couple suggestions on where to find new music for your next trip by car rental, but with this list I would like to add that nothing is a substitute for your local record store!  Buy local and support record stores because the independent ones are nearly extinct! 

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The Percolator

Want new music but you don't know what you want?  Looking for free downloads to save more money for a luxury car rental?  You're in luck, has a fun and inventive way to present free downloads called the Percoaltor.  Like the website says "20 fresh tracks reloaded every twenty," you can listen to or download any of 20 songs from their list, and if you don't see something you like just reload in 20 minutes.


National Public Radio is awesome.  Several of the best acts I've ever heard were brought to my ears by none other than our friends mixing up the public radio waves.  This, of course, is a United States thing.  If you're traveling in the US you can simply tune your car rental radio into to the local public radio station and turn it up!  If you don't live in the United States, you don't have a radio, or your computer is simply far handier you can catch the public radio streams from NPR Music.  Though they don't really have downloads, you can often find acts on iTunes.

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