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Cross Border Travel by Car Rental

You can visit more cities and cultures, see more, and do more all at your own pace when you plan your vacation by car rental.  It is very popular for travelers in Europe to visit multiple countries in one road trip, but if you plan to cross country borders its important to be aware of our Car Hire Cross Border Policy.  

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Driving a car rental from one country to the other definitely has its advantages over flying, depending on the type of vacation you would like to have.  To begin with, the advantage that speaks the loudest to most of us is savings.  With a cheap car hire the rental price plus fuel becomes more affordable than flying beginning with just two travelers, and the savings go up significantly with each additional passenger.  A family of four who choose to drive from France to Spain, for example, can save more than 50% over flying!

The other big advantages that travelers who drive from one country to another by car hire appreciate are the places they see and the freedom from flight schedules.  There are so many small towns, attractions, and so much scenery you'll stumble upon between here and there and it will be your choice to drive on through or stop and smell the flowers.

Our policies allow for cross border travel to certain countries, depending on your pick up location.  To find out more about our Cross Border Policy in your vacation destination fill in the booking engine at the top of this page, select a vehicle, then click on the section titled Rental Conditions just above the Confirm Booking.  You will still need to check with your car rental provider when you pick up the vehicle to find out their individual policies.

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