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Clown-Car-Style Packing

Packing light and tight is not just an art for avoiding checked bags anymore.  Planning on taking a road trip?  You could save money on both your car rental rate and fuel when you choose a economy or small car rental over the old familiar sedans or estate car hires.  Get ready for your next trip and follow the tight packing example in this short video from eviltommy.

It's been a while since I discussed how to pack for a trip by car rental.  Packing for any vacation where you plan to fly is a bit more stressful these days due to added restrictions on liquids, baggage sizes and more.  Add to that the growing fees for checked bags and more travelers are looking for tips on how to pack as light as possible.  These skills, however, can be applied to maximize your vacation budget and allow an individual or couple to enjoy a road trip by Mini Cooper car rental, Ford Ka car hire, Chevy Aveo car rental, or whichever super economical mini car rental is available in your next destination.  

Being the minimalist that I am I find it easy to leave behind that which I won't use, and inevitably there are always items that get a free round trip without proving their worth even once.  Seasoned travelers have great tips like "write a packing list, and for every 10 items cross at least one off."  I don't find it necessary to play these games, but it is good idea to eliminate and streamline, if only for sanity's sake.  

I really liked this video because his packing method for shirts and pants was one I haven't seen before.  Does laying the t-shirts and pants in layers like that and folding them all together save space?  Try it for your next road trip and let us know!

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