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Best Travel for Foodies

Knowing that there are plenty of travelers out there like myself who view sampling the flavors of the world as equally important to viewing the scenery I always to try to point out the destinations I think would be of interest to foodies.  For example, in the location listing for car rental in Armenia I recently added I made sure to point out the country's main fare for food lovers, which you will find common among these country pages.

Today I happened to stumble upon this great list from Zagat of the 8 Best Foodie Getaways Around the World.  We think they might have left out a few, and since we aren't too keen to try our hand at driving around Okinawa, Japan (listed first on their list) we will probably come out with our own list of foodie locations more friendly for travel by car rental.  

However, I have to admit that seeing my home town of Louisville, Ky listed as number three on their list made me quite proud.  Though I disagree with some of their examples of excellent places to dine, I think they hit the nail on the head and have always stressed to all my friends from across the United States how tasty my town can be.  A traveler in Louisville could only assume that we Louisvillians are lazy in the kitchen by the sheer number of restaurants around town.  It's a chicken and egg situation, making it hard not to eat out at least a couple times a week when the range of restaurants is so diverse and many have such affordable meals.  You can pick up a cheap car rental for your foodie tour of Kentucky from Louisville International Airport.

For some of our favorite foodie locations for car hire travelers (which are not yet compiled as such) check out the pages about food and dining in our Travel Guide Section.  All of our city guides, such as Alicante, Almeria, Bordeaux, etc, contain a page about the distinguishing dishes of that particular area or a few notable restaurants which we recommend you visit on your tour by car hire.

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