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Winter Holiday Plans by Car Hire

This year's most affordable vacations are just a few clicks away on  Concerned about the cost of flying with your family this holiday season?  Before you consider forgoing a trip all together perhaps you could explore other options?  Many families across Europe and even in the United States are finding that renting a car and driving to their desired destinations is a more affordable option than they thought.

Skiing has the best rates on 4x4 car rental vehicles and 7 seater car hires to help you and your family plan the perfect ski holiday this year.  For ideas on the best resorts in driving distance check out our travel guide section on the Top 10 Winter Ski Resorts.  We are also in the process of building up a great travel guide section of Winter Ski Resorts by Country, so you can have even more info on places close to home.

Winter Sun

Not interested in the slopes or snowy weather?  We also have great rates on convertible car hires and other sunny weather rentals to meet your budget and entertain your holiday this winter.  Check out our great list of Top 10 Winter Sun Holidays and set out for the sunniest spot nearest you.

Visiting Family

Our amazing search engine not only sources great car rental rates from major airports around the world, but can get you the lowest prices on a car hire from neighborhood pick-up locations.  We can't do anything to help Aunt Millie's nut loaf recipe, guarantee the dinner table conversation will be less mortifying than last year, or make your kids get along for the drive there, but we do our part to make your holiday travels to visit family as painless as possible by slicing the cost in half with cheap car rental rates.  Happy Holiday Planning.

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