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Watch What You Say In Flight

Has flying become a walk across eggshells?  Now more than ever travelers can save themselves a huge headache by simply traveling by car hire.  Airline passengers face the scrutiny of security, the TSA, and now some are even met by police officers and escorted off of flights simply for cursing.

Thats right, as reports a New York man was kicked off a flight leaving Detroit Metro Airport for saying the "F" word.  We all get frustrated when flights are delayed (as they often are) and its hard to imagine this is the first time a passenger has expressed that frustration with a little adult language, but in this instance the offensive word was not directed at any of the flight staff but was a harmless comment to a fellow passenger.

Curse as much as you like in a car rental.  Really though, when the airline staff and airport security have reached a level were cursing is no longer tolerated things are pretty serious.  I understand guns and knives, and maybe even 4 ounce bottles of liquid, but I can't see anyone being hurt or "terrorized" by a curse word.

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