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Vacation Cooking Courses


Love to travel and love to cook?  Why not take a cooking class on your next trip by car rental this year?  Souvenirs are great, but for the seasoned traveler who has a little of everything under the sun in their collection, why not bring home a new skill instead?

Nothing beats having an Italian chef right in your very own home.  Ok, you can't gain years of experience in one two-week course, but you can learn a whole slew of Italian gourmet secrets to wow your dinner guests!  Cooking Vacations in Italy offers a variety of course options in all the popular tourist spots in Italy; Campania, Lazio, Rome, Tuscany, Sicily, Umbria, and more.  From workshops with experts to private classes in your villa, Cooking Vacations in Italy can turn your vacation in to the tastiest trip you've ever taken by car rental in Italy.

For a cooking course a bit closer to home by car hire check out the River Cottage Cookery School.  Offering courses from 1 to 4 days, River Cottage teaches practical skills that can add much more than flavor to your meals.  Their focus is on seasonal foods, sustainability, wholesome ingredients, and traditional techniques.  Get the most out of your tour of the UK by car hire and plan a day or two of cookery school.

Food and travel goes hand in hand and foodie tourism has become such a phenomenon in recent years that restaurants and local flavors have as much sway in the industry as hotels.  Take your foodie travels to the next level and become an active participant in your favorite part of travel; learn to create the exotic dishes you love!  You can save the most on your cooking course car rental by booking online through

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