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The Taste of Mexican Independence


Independence was apparently very sweet in Mexico, and anywhere you go by car rental in Mexico during the month of September you can try the unique and flavorful Chile En Nogada.  Not available year round, intriguing combination of chile, meat, creamy nut sauce and pomegranate takes its name from the Spanish word for walnut tree and is only available for a limited time around the Mexican Independence day, September 15.  

An absolutely beautiful dish to look at, the Chile En Nogada is representative of the Mexican flag in its colors, and very representative of the Mexican diet in its flavors.  The large green pablano pepper that provides the base for the dish is sweet but a little spicy too, and this combined with the white nut sauce and red pomegranate seeds looked Christmassy to me, like some sort of nut and fruit log, but that was not at all the flavors inside.  Creative, rich, fresh, and filling with a tendency to lean to the sweet side, the dish is like dinner and dessert all in one.

The flavors of Mexico are tasty and unique all year round, and with a car hire from Mexico City Airport you can try all sorts of delicious tacos, breads, pastries, and juices - and this is just what is available from street stands on your way to your hotel!  Food in Mexico is inexpensive in general, though the yearly treat of Chile En Nogada is more on the expensive side, between 80 and 170 pesos (roughly $7 to $15 USD.  From a street stand however, you can have a delicious meal of quesedillas with cheese and meats for less than 30 pesos.  

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