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The Hindu Festival of Lights


Diwali, the biggest festival of the year for Hindus, is going on right now in India.  Known as the Festival of Lights, India is currently so bright at night you can see the entire outline of India lit up in a NASA photograph!  Plan your next trip to India with a cheap car rental from

A five day long celebration, the dates when Diwali will be celebrated are decided each year based on the phases of the moon.  The darkest nights are considered the best to celebrate Diwali, when the moon is "Amavasya", and is generally some time in November or December.  Festivities in these five days include gift-giving, firework displays, spirituality, and various forms of light such as candles and lamps intended to drive away the darkness of Amavasya.  Also spelled "Divali", the celebration and gift giving are a way to acknowledge and honor loved ones.

For more information about the holiday check out  The website offers a number of Diwali gifts which you can purchase online and have shipped worldwide as well as recipes, traditions, songs, poems, and all things related to the holiday.    

India isn't the only country in the world which celebrates Diwali.  You can join on the celebrations with a car rental in Mauritlus, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Britain, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Surinam, and Fiji.  If you happen to be traveling to one of these countries during Diwali it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Hindu religion and these beautiful customs.    

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