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The Birthplace of The Durian

As a confirmed foodie, former raw foodist, and avid fruit lover, I would say I've sampled a wider variety of the world's fruits than most.  I have to say, without a doubt, the most complex, unique, and sinful of fruits is the durian.  This infamous and controversial fruit is popular in several countries around the old world tropics, and you can experience its intrigue with your family or friends with a 7 seater car rental in Brunei.

No Durians

An enormous fruit looking more like a medieval weapon than something edible, the durian is covered with large spikes and appears impenetrable.  Once you find a "seam" and rip one of its seed pods open (best to ask for instructions from a local in Brunei) you'll be hit with the second most notable aspect of the fruit, its smell.  Said to be like "eating bananas in a latrine", durian has been compared to many unflattering flavors by those who are less than fans of the fruit, such as over-ripe cheese, rotten onions, and turpentine.  There are also several more lovely and favorable quotes about durians, but you can just take my word for it, the fruit wouldn't enjoy such lasting popularity if it were so terrible.

The rainforest of Borneo in Brunei are thought to be the origin of the amazing durian, and the area is home to a number of rare durian species you won't get to sample anywhere else.  Educational, fun, and definitely memorable, your foodie group will love a tour of the durian birthplace by 7 seater car rental in Brunei.  Other great fruits to try on your tour of Brunei are the Rambutan, Langsat, and tarap.  

Aside from its tropical flavors, Brunei features several stunning beaches with great water sports or ways to relax.  Book your Brunei car rental today through to save the most on ground transportation during your stay.

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