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Super Accessories for Driving a Car Hire

Whenever I think of having the perfect accessories I think of Batman.  The way I see it, he really is a super hero whose "powers" are more or less built around his accessories.  You could read deeper into it and say his super power is being wealthy, thus having the ability to afford the on-point butler, accessories, and high profile that equate his alter ego, but this is all getting past my point here.  You don't have to be wealthy to afford the right accessories to feel like a super hero on your next trip by car rental.

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Super Vision

Some accessories are near vital for driving a car rental.  For those blue-eyed drivers who can hardly open their eyes on a sunny day I'm sure you already know youcan't leave the house without sunglasses.  For everyone else, be aware that a sunny glare during your next vacation on the beach or off the snow during your winter ski holiday can be seriously dangerous.  Need a prescription?  Check out all the awesome prescription sunglasses options from

Super Sense of Direction

Though you probably wouldn't get a blink out of the modernized Christian Bale Batman, if you took a GPS system to Adam West back in the 1960s he would probably give you his cape.  Why worry about getting lost?  Batman wouldn't.  He would let technology handle that for him and you can too.  You can even book a GPS system along with your car rental (upon availability).

Super Handsfree Communication

Not only is it much safer, a handsfree system for your mobile phone while driving is actually the only legal way to use a phone in the car in many countries now.  Besides, the ability to talk to someone who isn't in the car who is miles away as if they are sitting in the passenger seat is pretty super.  Several of the newer car rental vehiclescome with handsfree systems built in, and in some locations you can rent a mobile phone along with your car hire.

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