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Satisfying the Need For Speed: New Limit in Texas


Do you feel the need for speed?  Wondering where you can open out on a road in a fast car hire?  If you're the type that doesn't like to travel slowly you'll want to book one of our cheap sports car rentals and head to a destination with a high speed limit.

In the USA they have a saying that "everything's bigger in Texas" and apparently this now even applies to the number of miles per hour you can drive, but only on one stretch of road.  With a car hire from Dallas International Airport you can head out to Texas Highway 130 where the nation's highest speed limit was just set to 85 miles per hour (136 km/h).  This might sound fast if you are used to city driving, but in the gigantic state of Texas (just look at a map!) where everything outside of the major cities is very spread out 65 mph can feel like a crawl on a long stretch of highway.

Not only is Texas's new speed on Highway 130 the fastest you can go in a car rental in the United States, but it is officially the highest seed limit in the Western hemisphere!  It is the world's second fastest speed limit, lower only than a few roads in Poland which are only 1 mph higher, and the famous German roadways with no posted speed limits.

Other popular places for speed demons to get their thrills by car rental include Austria and Italy, which both have highway speeds over 130 km/h, or Bulgaria, at 140 km/h.  If all that sounds a little too risky for you, there are plenty of places where you can rest assured everyone will be playing it safe (assuming limits are enforced and followed.  The fastest roads in Norway and Vietnam only get on at about 80 km/h; Singapore and Iceland limit travel to 90 km/h, and you might be surprised to see the fastest you can go even across wide stretches of Russian roads is 110 km/h.  Save the most on the widest variety of fast car rentals when you book through

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