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Responsible Shopping

Make a difference this travel season and shop responsibly.  What do I mean by "responsibly"?  This is a statement that has many layers, but in its simplest form making responsible purchases is much like any other responsible action in life; it requires you to consider first the impact of your actions.  In many cases it means giving priority to the good of mankind or the earth over fashion, price, or convenience.  You can begin a more responsible holiday with an economy car rental from

Toms Shoes Spring Collection

While I was shopping today in Costa Rica I came across a brand of shoes I thought were only available in the United States or online; Toms.  Although their shoes don't appeal that much to my sense of style, they had some cute toddler styles that happened to come in my daughter's favorite shade of eye-bleeding pink.  After visiting several stores and finding none of the things I set out shopping for, at least we wouldn't go home empty handed... or was it so much more than that?  You can plan a day of Shopping during your stay in Costa Rica with a car rental from San Jose Airport.

For every pair of shoes you buy Toms donates one pair to a person in need.  One for one; its their shoe slogan.  "But I don't want to pay for two pairs of shoes, if I want to donate to charity I can do that separately."  This would be a solid argument if Toms shoes were very expensive or this charity were popular.  My daughter's shoes cost the equivalent of $11.80 US dollars, which would only buy two pairs of shoes if I scoured the city for the cheapest I could find, and these Toms are not cheaply made.  For the materials and quality of construction the price I paid is quite a deal.  The same shoes are listed on their website for $29.  I guess this is the trade-off for limited styles from a retailer.  You can find a Toms retailer in your next car rental location on their website.  

Being responsible during your next car hire travels couldn't be easier than with excellent brands such as Toms thanks to their shoe giving movement.  I felt good knowing that another little kid in need would get a pair of shoes along with my pink-toed tot.  If you need the extra encouragement simply watch their video in the on the Toms website.

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