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House Swap for Cheap Travel

Travel out of town doesn't have to cost much more than a cheap car hire.  With the help of some home exchange websites now you can stay in just about any city in the world for roughly what it would cost you to stay at home.  

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I'm planning a trip in the near future but I've just moved into a great little house and the thought of leaving it unattended while I was gone didn't sit well with me.  Thats when I got the idea "maybe someone would want to swap houses with me," and after a little research I found out that people do this kid of thing all the time.  

I hear so many people complain about staying with their family when they visit home for the holidays.  Why not try a house swap in your relative's town?  You won't have to get so cozy with the relatives and you still don't have to pay hotel prices!  As long as you have a car rental you can come spend as much of your trip with family as you like.

There are several ways to go about finding your perfect swap mate and several websites you can choose from.  Since I'll be traveling to a city where I already have many friends I just sent them a note on Facebook, but you can also find a section on devoted to House Swap in nearly every city.  If this concept really jives with you and you think you might like to travel by swapping houses on a regular basis you can sign up with great websites like  For a small monthly fee you can join their service where they guarantee to find someone willing to swap homes with you.  

Once you've gotten your house swap all set up don't forget to return to for the lowest price on a car hire in more than 10,000 locations around the world.

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