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Get Packed and Hit the Road in your Car Hire

Once you and your travel companions have been shopping for luggage and you have all your travel accessories ready to go its time to pack the car hire for your road trip. There are many ways to load in your luggage and truthfully, only experience will show you the best way to care for your things in a rental car's luggage compartment.

In this short video you can see how a woman packs up her family's luggage and some other odd bits while on a road trip in California. Here they are packing the rear of a Nissan Pathfinder 7 seater rental car with the third row seats folded down. This would be similar to the space you would have for luggage and shopping in most seven seater rental cars with either the rear seats removed (such as the Ford Galaxy 7 seater) or folded down.

Its quite impressive to see how much stuff she was able to stuff inside. It looks to me like she fit at least three large pieces of luggage and two more cases or carry-on sized pieces, two large Luv's diaper boxes, the frame of a stroller, and several other large bits and pieces, and amazingly, there is still space above her packing job for the driver to have a clear view through the rear window.

This is probably the most important thing to note; if you are not able to pack the rear of your seven seater car rental and leave enough room for the driver to see through the rear window then you will need to take out some of your sturdier pieces and fix them to roof racks.

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