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Ethanol Gasoline in the United States


Today I've just learned about the new ethanol gasolines that are being sold in the United States.  It seems like this is something that has been talked about for several years, but the sudden release seems somehow premature.  If you plan to rent a car in the United States in the near future you might want to heed these warnings from Fox News.

According to the Fox News correspondent in the clip above the new E15 and E85 fuels are only safe for use in flex fuel vehicles or vehicle model years 2012 and newer.  In addition, ten of the top auto manufacturers have released official statements about the fuels, some even stating use of the ethanol blends will negate a car warranty. 

In the most recent report from the Midwest Energy News about the new ethanol gasses they state, "Almost all vehicles are designed to perform best with pure gasoline..." Until engines are optimized for use with the ethanol blends drivers and travelers in the United States who are unfamiliar with what they may be reading at the pump just can't be 100 percent sure about the safety of the fuel in the vehicle.  Damage aside, the article from Midwest Energy News also does the math and points out how the savings at the pump don't add up when you figure miles per gallon. 

E15 and E85 are not yet available everywhere, so if they are available where you are renting your next car hire it would be a good idea to check with the car rental agent for their official stance on the best fuel for your rental car.  No matter where your next travel plans are you can save the most money with a cheap car rental from

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