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Traditional Dancing


Around the world traditions of the peoples have been preserved in dance.  Specific dances each have their own steps and music, but also their own dress and even props.  We have discussed the traditional dances of Croatia, Spain, and various dance festivals you can attend by car rental in previous blogs, and here I bring you photos of the equally beautiful and strikingly similar traditional dances of Mexico.

On a visit to Xochimilco by car rental yesterday I took a beautiful tour on the natural canals, but afterward as we were walking around the town we happened to pass a performance of traditional Mexican dances of the area.  There were several dances performed with a variety of elaborate costumes.  There were both male and female dancers, and saw many similarities to both traditional Spanish dances and country dancing in the southern USA.  

With a car hire from Mexico City Airport you can easily reach the colorful and unique town of Xochimilco in less than an hour.  The town features many lovely family activities in addition to boat rides on the canal.  There are horse and pony rides, a huge variety of gardens where you can purchase many plants including aquatic plants and carnivorous plants, as well as a long strip of craft booths selling very creative and unique handmade items.

Other traditional dance performances can be found around Mexico City by car rental at places such as the Palacio de Bellas Artes.  Find out where the best traditional dance performances will be held on your next vacation and save money getting there with a cheap car hire from

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