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Heathrow's Eyebrow Lift

How does the world's busiest international airport stay fit for the task?  Oh would if it were as easy as plastic surgery!  Hangers at London's Heathrow Airport built in the 1950s were raised 3.5 meters and fitted with a spankin' new, 24 tonne roof "eyebrow" in preparation for the arrival of 12 new A380s in 2013.  You can easily get to and from London with a car rental from Heathrow Airport.

The project was the last phase of the multi-million pound renovation endeavor by British Airways, who will presumably have plenty of great deals to go around soon to fill all the seats of their new fleet of Airbus A380 super jumbo planes.  Capable of transporting entire Irish villages, this beast is the largest passenger airliner in the world.  It's the double-decker bus of the skies, and will cruise along at around 900 km/h (Mach 0.85).  More than 200 of these SuperJumbos have been ordered, with the largest order of 90 aircraft going to the Dubai airline Emirates.

Heathrow's eyebrow lift required great skill and car to maintain the building's original unsupported arches.  Workers labored through the night with a complex system of cranes and welding to accomplish this massive renovation without disrupting Heathrow's aircraft landings.

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