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Air Canada and the Toronto Airport


My recent flight from Mexico City Airport to Toronto Airport on Air Canada (operated by Air Georgian) was as comfortable as first class for business class rates.  I was with my nearly-two-year-old daughter and we were well attended, well fed, and well entertained during the entire 5 hour journey.  I can't say we had nearly as pleasant a time once we arrived at the Toronto Airport.  Save the most on your next visit to Canada with a cheap car rental from Toronto Airport.

Soon after the plane took off from Mexico Airport my daughter fell asleep, giving me a chance to browse their television and movie listing in the touch-screen entertainment system on the back of the seat in front of me.  I had dozens of television shows and at least half a dozen new movies to choose from and watched a great new release.  During the movie I was given the choice of chicken with potatoes or vegetarian lasagna.  I chose the lasagna and was pleasantly surprised by its palatability.  

As my movie was ending my daughter awoke, at which time I plugged her headphones into the seat next to me (Air Canada graciously kept a seat in our row of three free without extra charge).  She danced to the Backyardagains and Little Bear while eating the granola bar from my lasagna meal and I had some time to read my book.  All and all a completely pleasant ride.

Making my way from arrival to connecting flight in the Toronto Airport was much less straight forward and could not be described as pleasant.  Although everyone was very helpful, I found their design to be like a grey maze of small corridors and stairs, with poorly placed signage and baffling disorganization.  If you are planning to proceed directly to your car hire pick up in Toronto allow yourself some extra time to navigate the airport and retrieve your luggage.  It took more than an hour for my checked luggage to make its way to the conveyor.  In addition, I encountered droves of disgruntled travelers whose flights had been delayed or who had to literally run at full speed after getting through security to make it to their connecting flight.

Experiences can vary greatly, however, and if you have upcoming plans to pass through the Toronto Airport or pick up your car rental in Toronto you could have an entirely different story.

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