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Winter in Paris

There are many wonderful reasons to schedule your vacation in Paris during the chilly winter months. Avoid the typical tourist season crowds, save a lot of Euros, and take your pick between cool winter sports or Paris's mild Mediterranean destinations. Get around to it all with the freedom of a car hire in Paris.

Winter Sports

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The very best months for winter sports in Paris are January and February, and if you are an avid skier you will know that the French Alps and Pyrenees are two of the world's greatest regions for snowy slopes. There is a whole world of ways to get active in the snow, including cross-country skiing and shoe shoeing, dog sledding, or ice climbing and ice rappelling.


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If Paris is popular for just one activity year round it would have to be shopping! The winter, January in particular, is the best time to buy in Paris. Whether it's for the designer wares you've been dying for or just to pick up a few souvenirs, you will benefit from government sanctioned sales if you plan your shopping spree in January. Just a few weeks earlier in December you can catch Paris's marvelous Christmas markets. Get to all the best shops in a Paris car rental.

Warmer Options

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When you've had enough of the snow, or if you wish to avoid it all together you can head to Paris for some relief. Although it may be the dead of winter, Paris still has plenty of places along the Mediterranean which stay pleasant all year. Visit destinations along the Cote d'Azur and Cote Vermeille. Hit the Aquitaine for year round surfing. Enjoy a nice sunny day in Nice or Perpignan, with January temperatures in the 60's.

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