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Boat Tours on the River Douro, Portugal

There is more than one way to see the sights in Porto, Portugal.  Get around town by car rental might be fun and necessary, but exploring the Emerald coast can be a watery adventure if you're game.  Hire a car rental from Porto Airport to get on your way to a wet and wild vacation on the Emerald coast.

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The River Douro is a wonderfully scenic part of Porto, Portugal that you can explore at your leisure on a variety of water tours.  If you're up for the wind and water and an adrenaline rush then you might like to jet past the sights on the River Douro in an XtremeJet.  Offering a safari-style tour of the river in a super-fast jet boat, this tour is perfect for families as the boat seats around 10 passengers comfortably.  Like the ultimate water ride at a theme park, XtremeJet patrons can expect to return to land with wet clothes, tangled hair and a sloshy equilibrium.

Rides are relatively short, running for either 15 or 25 minutes, then you're back to enjoy your tour of the Emerald coast by car rental.  

If you have a bit more time and are more into an educational tour of the River Douro you can take a Pontes cruise.  Ships pass along the old part of the city and the tour from the water is actually one of the best vantages.  Running roughly an hour, the cruise guides will tell you a bit about the history of porto and leave you with a greater understanding of Portugal, all while you are quite comfortable and kept relatively dry.

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