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Soak up some sun on the West African coast in the smallest country on the continent of Africa, Gambia. There is an abundant wild nature in this country, perfect for someone wanting to get out and explore during their vacation. Gambia is also becoming popular as a relaxing vacation destination as well. Reserve a car hire in Gambia to get around during your African holiday.

In response to the requests of tourists the Gambia Tourism Authority has completed a project to allow for visitors to move off the beaten tracks. With a new wave of eco-tourism inspired projects Gambia has added bird watching tours and other excursions such as safaris to their tourist options.

Gambia car hire

Visit natural and protected areas in Gambia such as Senegambia, where you can see many of the nation's birds. In Gambia's forested areas like the Abuko Nature Reserve you can see baboons and three types of monkeys (vervet, patas and red colobus). Visit the River Gambia National park to spot oribi and duikers; small members of the antelope family.

Any tour along the Gambia River provides an opportunity to see Hippopotamus in their natural habitat. Take a boat tour in the river's upper reaches for the best chance at finding them. The creeks and lagoons of Gambia are also home to dolphins and crocodiles.

With a rental car in Gambia you have the freedom to travel through even more natural areas, such as the Baobolong Wetland Reserve, Kiang West National Park, and Niumi National Park.

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