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Driving in Sicily


Rugged, hot, and throbbing with culture and history; the island of Sicily offers car rental travelers an Italian experience like nothing you'll find in the country's 19 other regions.  A large island only separated from the Italian mainland by the 5 km Straits of Messina, the short distance was enough to give Sicily its own unique ride through the cultural seas of history.  Reserve a car rental in Sicily to experience the uniqueness of Italian island life.

Everything down to the way they say "hello" in Sicily is different from the mainland, and this is primarily due to the Sicilian language which, though it is also Romantic, has several distinct differences from Italian.  Other notable differences can be seen in the cultural variety of Sicily.  A series of foreign dominations each left their mark on the island, and rather than forming a metropolitan soup, the great variety has been preserved across little cities, each unique in their specialities.

With a car rental from Catania Airport, Palermo Airport, or any of the other convenient pick up locations in Sicily you can easily explore all the major attractions of the island.  Four major motorways connect the major metropolitan areas of the island, but it is recommended to reserve a 4x4 car rental in Sicily for ease and comfort on the smaller mountain roads.  Must-see places to add to your tour of Sicily by car rental include the Valley of Temples in Agrigento, Mount Etna in Catania, the Baroque architecture of Ragusa, the Greek ruins of Syracuse, Madonie National Park in the heart of the island, and the Salt Flats in Trapani.

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