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Curonian Spit Beach in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Plan a visit to one of the most beautiful sites along the Baltic Sea. Full of natural beauty and historical relevance, Curonian Spit is a UNESCO Heritage site. These wide sandy shores are the perfect place to start out your summer holiday. Reserve a car hire in Curonian Spit to enjoy all the wonders of this beach paradise.

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Home to the highest moving sand dunes in Europe, the Curonian Spit drifters reach an average height of 35 meters, with some reaching as tall as 60 meters. In addition to its impressive drifting sand dunes, this diverse landscape includes beaches, wetlands, meadows and forests.

Excellent for bird-watching, this area is frequented by migratory waterfowl to the tune of 10 to 20 million birds flying over the feature during every spring and fall migration. Book a car hire in Lithuania for a lovely self-guided bird watching tour during the spring or fall.

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The largest town on the Curonian Spit is in Nida, Lithuania, which has become popular as a holiday resort for its beaches and national parks. Known as Neringa by many Lithuanians, the Curonian Spit is a landscape that is different from the rest of the country. In this landscape which was shaped by the winds and sea for over 5000 years you will find this resort town to be unique in the world as well.

Historically the Kursiai or Curonians were a seafaring community and known to be excellent sailors and fishermen who worshiped pagan gods. Throughout the Curonian Spit you can find examples of their art and architecture, and the culture of the Kursiai tribe that once lived here.

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