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Plan to spend some time on the broad boulevard known as the Hub of Town during your stay in Marseille. La Canebière runs for about a kilometer down to the Old Port, and it gets its name from hemp, or canabè in French, which once supplied a thriving rope-making trade and was a major export for the area. Set up your Marseille car hire and explore everything from the Old Port that this boulevard has to offer.

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La Canebière was originally constructed around the Champs-Élysées, but the design of the area became more of a patchwork , spotted with hotels, cafés and shops. The street divides two areas of town, the more upscale southern quartiers, and the ramshackle quartier BelsunceI to the north - an extraordinary and dynamic, mainly Arab area and trading ground.

The Quartier Belsunce is an excellent place to go shopping. There you can find some of the best prices in the Mediterranean for stereos, suits, name brand jeans from France and Germany, as well as spices, cloth, and unique metal ware from across the coast. You can often find goods sold here on flattened cardboard boxes in the streets, completely absent of a French middleman.

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Just one block to the west of the Quartier Belsunce is the Centre Bourse, with familiar storefronts and a more mainstream shopping feel. Behind lays the Jardin des Vestiges, where the ancient port extended north from the present quai des Belges. Excavations have revealed a stretch of the original Greek port and bits of Marseille's ancient city wall with the base of three square towers and a gateway, dating to the second or third century BC. Visit all the sites in this lovey town in a Marseille car rental.

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