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Iconic Vienna, Austria

Explore the iconic city of Vienna, Austria by car rental.  Both prehistoric and fully modern, the history of Vienna begins with the Romans in the 1st Century, though the famous statue Venus of Willendorf was left in Vienna 24,000 years ago, proving human habitation in the area since the Paleolithic age.  Famous for it's coffee culture, sausage, electronic music scene, and slight morbid obsession today's Vienna is an interesting and enjoyable city to visit by car hire.

From Vienna's High Market to the Zentralfriedhof cemetery, and all the way out to the vineyards of the 19th district, touring popular sites in Vienna by car rental is easy thanks to the logical orientation of the city's ring roads and address system.  In fact, although Vienna does not have as many bilingual road signs which cater to English-speaking visitors as other European countries, Vienna is not difficult to navigate by car hire in Vienna with very minimal knowledge of German.

Vienna has a number of fantastic museums and galleries to visit during your stay by car rental.  Several of these popular cultural institutions, such as the Leopold Museum and MUMOK, can be found at the Museumsquartier (Museum District), which is also a lovely place to sit and enjoy a beer on the community benches with open-air bars.  The other dense collection of museums and tourist attractions in Vienna is located in the Innere Stadt district, where you can find the Museum of Fine Arts, Imperial Treasury, The Music House Museum, and the Mozart House.  The Innere Stadt also features palaces, a number of religious buildings, the Zentralfriedhof Cemetery, and excellent shopping.  

The list above hardly touches on the many cultural and tourist attractions throughout the 22 districts of Vienna.  You can make the most of your visit by reserving a cheap Vienna car rental online through

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