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Iconic Chicago, Illinois


Travelers all over the world think of New York and LA as the top cities in the United States to visit, but this list would not be complete without the hub of the Midwestern United States, Chicago.  In the unassuming state of Illinois is a fantastic world city where the atmosphere is pure metropolis but the people are still of the friendly, Midwestern breed.  Famous for its skyscrapers, modern architecture, museums, parks, beaches, and magnificent shopping, Chicago offers any visitor a plethora of historic landmarks and attractions to see by car rental.

Chicago on the river

Begin your tour of Chicago with a cheap car hire from O'Hare International Airport.  Here, on the Far Northwest Side of Chicago you can take a drive past some of the city's most lovely historic homes, visit an old theater, or stop for some authentic sausage in Chicago's Polish Village.

Chicago's other primary airport is a great choice if you are coming from inside the United States.  Business travelers with a car rental from Chicago Midway Airport will likely be headed straight to The Loop, the heart of Chicago filled with skyscrapers and city delights.  The Loop is also where travelers by car rental in Chicago can find the most famous monuments, attractions, and designer shopping of the city.

However, the best of Chicago is arguably found outside The Loop.  To truly experience the city during your stay take your Chicago car rental to Chicago's Chinatown near Bridgeport, don't miss a dinner in an authentic Chicago pizzeria for the city's famous deep-dish pizza, and make your way along the Magnificent Mile for window shopping at its finest.

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