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Iconic Almeria, Spain


Iconic Spanish charm and beaches in Almeria

Almeria is located in the south-eastern side of Spain on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. There are various theories concerning its name, but perhaps the most probable is that it comes from the Andalusian Arabic term Al-Mariyya, which means "The Mirror", as a reference of Almeria being "The Mirror of the Sea". 

Almeria has an iconic and unique natural setting which has been featured in many movies, making use of Almeria's dramatic deserts and other scenic landscapes. Surrounded by the Sierra de Gador mountains Almeria has the beauty of a paradise.

Almeria Coast

Almeria is known for enjoying one of the sunniest, warmest and driest weathers in Europe. The water temperature stays perfect for swimming year round.

Borderingordering the Provinces of Murcia and Granadan, Almeria is becoming more and more popular among tourists and property buyers in Spain for it's charming, resort-like atmosphere. One of the main attractions in Almeria city is the amazing view of the Alcazaba castle overlooking the metropolis.

Iconic Towns in Almeria

Some of the towns of Almeria that are really worth visiting are the city of Almeria, Roquetas de Mar,Mojacar, Almerimar, San Jose, Aqua Dulce, Adra and Vera. Almeria’s beaches are iconically authentic and rustic, this is one of the main reasons tourists are attracted to them.

Some of the most popular natural wonders of Almeria can be found in Alhama de Almeria and Sierra Alhamilla. These towns feature thermal waters with temperatures varying from between 30 and 46 degrees.

Many of the travelers who pick up a car hire in Almeria Airport head to the nearby resort area Cabo de Gata Nijar Park. A highly extensive natural resort, perfect for exploring and discovering. Rustic villages, a casual pace, and a beautiful setting romance travelers from across Europe, making this resort one of the highest-ranking in terms of return visitors.

Alcazaba, Almeria Spain

One of the most iconic attractions in Almeria is the Alcazaba, a Moorish fortress dominating from a hill, to the west. Right next to it you’ll see the castle of San Cristobal, linked with the Alcazaba.



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