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Car Rental Insurance (Zero Excess/All Inclusive)

Insurance is our safeguard in many areas of life, including car rental, and the basis of car rental insurance is not too different from other types of insurance you might already be familiar with.  The differences however, are important to understand.  In many policies for car hire you will hear the terms "Zero Excess" or "All Inclusive," and these refer to a specific way you can be insured in the event of claims made on your car rental.

Zero Excess

The terms "Zero Excess" and "All Excess" Insurance apply to an insurance coverage that does not require you to pay an excess amount on a claim before the insurance company will contribute/reimburse you.  For example, many car rental companies require that you pay up to the first £1,000 out of pocket.  Many travelers may see this as not having insurance at all, since the vast majority of claims are for less than £1,000.  Alternatively, the All Inclusive insurance coverage offered with your rental car from will cover your excess charges up to £2,000, and includes protection on the windows, tyres, undercarriage, roof, loss of the rental car key, and even your personal possessions up to £300.

Mondial and works with Mondial Excess Coverage for car rental No Excess Insurance, but there are certain restrictions.  Drivers must be residents of the United Kingdom, they must be over the age of 21, but may not exceed 75 years of age.  Mondial All Inclusive Insurance is geared to protect you from charges for accidental damage, damage from a collision, or theft occurring during your rental period.

In cases of theft or damage to personal items in your car rental vehicle Mondial will only cover items which were in the luggage area or the glove box of the insured car hire.  To find out more about Zero Excess from Mondial you can read the Mondial Collision Damage Waiver Insurance PDF.

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