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Car Renal Young Driver Surcharge

The benefits of age are not always so easy to see, but in the case of car rental just a few years can make a lot of difference in savings.  It's true that good things come to those that wait, and in the case of car rental, waiting until you're over a certain age can get you a better price.  Young travelers who plan to drive while out of town should be aware of this little-known car rental policy.

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Not Before 23

Even though you may be old enough to vote, paying taxes, and living on your own at 18, you still have to wait another 5 years to rent a car!  While everyone else regards you as a capable adult, car rental companies won't be ready to hand over the keys to one of their vehicles until you reach this minimum age, not even with an extra steep price.  Once you are old enough, you will find some vehicles are restricted, such as top of the line sports and luxury car rentals, and you will still pay a higher price on the cars you are eligible to rent for the next two years.

The Surcharge

A 23 or 24 year old who has held their driver's license for at least one year will be permitted to rent a car from nearly all car rental providers, but they will pay a higher price.  Their price will include a Young Driver Surcharge, like a tax on youth and potential irresponsibility.  The charge is typically 13.33 GBP per day (excluding tax) of the rental period, and you will see this cost reflected in the final quote from our booking engine.  

Mid-20's Maturity

You can celebrate reaching the peak of your 20's by renting a car.  Go ahead and book that Mercedes CLK Cabrio car hire on your next trip to Spain, you deserve it!  To find out more about this and other policies that regulate car hire services through please see the section titled Booking Engine Terms and Conditions near the end of our reservation process.

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