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Bilbao Food Guide

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Popular for their deep love for gastronomy, the capital of Vizcaya in the Basque Country is a true delight when it comes to local food. Here, the locals use the Basque name of pintxos to refer to what is known elsewhere in Spain as tapas. However, due to the Basque flare for flavour and love for gastronomy, in Bilbao these light dishes are much more elaborate than their neighbour Spanish cousins. Come and taste it for yourself and indulge in different pintxos with a rental car in Bilbao.

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The local pintxos bar are filled with locals and tourists on Friday and Saturday nights, for it is popular hitting the town to eat pintxos, and this is as common as it is going out for drinks!

Traditionally served with a small glass of wine, pintxos are a petite representation of the various delicacies served in the area. Hundreds of different types, many served on top of a fresh slice of bread, are here to engage you in the whole Bilbao experience. Fish in salsa or anchovies, are common sides for pintxos, the imagination of the cook can do wonders in Bilbao.

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Artiz, on Calle Zugastinobia, has been winner of the local Pintxo contest for years. The place is quite out of the way, almost hidden in a very small one way street away from the main through fares. But don’t worry, just mention the name and you will be given directions. Plus, there are dozens of other pintxo bars on this street so you can have the whole picture and compare.

Gazpacho, another popular dish is a cold drink made of tomatoes, cucumbers, and red and green peppers. Certainly one very refreshing drink perfect to accompany other delicious dishes in Spain.

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