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Shopping in Almeria

********Hire a cheap rental car for shopping in Almeria

While you holiday in Almeria, Spain you will want to stop and pick up some gifts for the folks back home, souvenirs for yourself, or just enjoy some recreational browsing at the local malls and markets. Get around town easy in a car hire in Almeria, hit the best shopping venues and store all your purchases until you get back to your hotel.

Head to downtown Almeria to browse the major shops, such as Mediterraneo Centre. There you can find lots of fashion outlets, cafes, and a supermarket - basically what you would expect from urban shopping in any major city. There is underground parking available for convenience in your Almeria car rental.

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Many craftsmen still practice their craft in the capital or work on coral in the coastal regions. The predominant handmade crafts from Almeria are ceramics, textiles, woven baskets, and woodwork, so for something unique from this region these are the types of items you should look for. Corals, baskets, pottery or woodworks come in all shapes and sizes as well as price ranges here and make perfect souvenirs for travelers.

During your stay check out the textile work of Velefique. Velefique is influenced by the Moorish culture, which is reflected in their weaving mills. They are world renowned for their 'jarpas', which are similar to blankets but are now commonly used for decorative purposes. Head your Almeria rental car over to the areas of Fiñana, Carboneras and Alboloduy for their textiles, as well as fine baskets and other similar products.

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