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Begin your tour of West Africa with a car rental in the mysterious and lovely country of Benin.  Bordering Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Niger, Benin is considered one of the most stable and safest countries for tourists in its region and offers a wealth of culture, historic sites and ruin, national parks, wildlife and more.  Pick up your car rental from Cotonou Airport to tour Benin.


Benin is famous as the birthplace of Voodoo, also called Vodun.  A recognized religion, Vodun is still the oficial religion of Benin and an important part of daily life in the country.  Voodoo temples and roadside markets can be found across the country.  Skulls, skin, and everything else jaw-droppingly Voodoo can be found in the Grande Marche du Dantopka, Contonu's enormous and bustling grand market.  Experience modern day Voodoo with a car rental in Contonu, Benin.

Although Voodoo is very important to Benin culture, the most widespread religion is Christianity with Islam coming in a close second.  Perhaps the country's most famous export, Voodoo was actually spread by the massive quantity of slaves from Benin during the Dagomey Kingdom in the 1800s.  Beyond its Voodoo Benin is a exciting place to tour by car rental, offering interesting and beautiful towns such as Ganvie, built on stilts in the center of Lake Nokoué; the mid and clay tower-houses near the border of Togo; museums, beaches and more.

Visas into Benin are single or multiple entry, not too expensive, and last 30 days.  Entry requires proof that you have had a yellow fever vaccine, which you will need to show at the Airport.  Save time at the airport by having all your papers ready and booking your Benin car rental online in advance to await your arrival in Benin Airport.  To process your reservation simply complete the booking engine at the top of this page.

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