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My Layover in Miami

During my most recent travels I had a rather long layover in the Miami airport, and I found that it wasn't a bad time at all.  Miami is actually a great city to visit and had I not been on my way home with family waiting for me I would have planned differently and at least stayed there over night.  As it was, I enjoyed the feel of Miami in the airport and all its style.  You can plan your stay in Miami with a cheap car hire from Miami airport through

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My arriving flight was in gate 55 and my departing flight was in gate 51 so I spent most of my time wondering around this area, up to Miami's last gate which is 60.  The first thing I noticed about this area were the amazing fish sculptures decorating the bridge ways.  If I knew more about fish I could tell you what they were, but they looked very realistic with great details and I'm sure they were each Miami Natives.  Just seeing these sculptures in the airport was enough to make me want to take a wildlife tour in Miami by car rental.

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Next, the food options around gates 40-60 of the Miami airport are quite good.  There were a couple fish restaurants, a nice looking bar, and several places to get snacks.  I had lunch at the Manchu Wok (one of my favorites) and then had a Colombian pastry and coffee.  Later I took the escalator down to gate 60 to visit the Tropical News Cafe, and it's worth noting for people gluten intolerance or on a vegan diet that they carry some of the better healthy snacks such as Oskri and Crispy Kat candy bars.  I loaded up because these are snacks that they don't sell where I live, which turned out to be a great idea for breakfast the next morning!

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