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How To Have A Successful Yard Sale

I don't know about the rest of the world, but where I'm from yard sales are serious business.  There are a whole slew of tips and tricks that can make or break your junk vending venture.  If the stuff stored in your garage takes up more space than your vehicle you might consider making the following preparations and having yourself a yard sale!

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Pick the Right Location

First and foremost, you have to have this event where the people go a-looking.  You can just set up in any old yard, but if you intend to move any of your stuff and make any money you need to find the best spot around town where people frequent yard sales, find a place in that area willing to host your event, and rent a van or 7 seater car rental to get your goods there.  Many car hire companies rent moving vans for very affordable prices, and this can certainly be booked through  The price for a one or two day rental is worth it for all the moolah you will make in the better location.  


One month before the sale take out a small add in your local paper.  Up to a week before the sale you can post an ad on  These ads should blaze key word specifics that will attract yard salers, such as "Moving Sale" and "Multi-Family Sale".  Photos of the stuff is great, but not essential, people assume you have a lot of stuff and don't want to post photos of all of it.  The day before and day of the say you will need to post signs in the front of your neighborhood and the nearest major motorway directing traffic to your yard sale.


Avoid loading back up the car rental by taking the time to label all your goodies with a price sticker.  Shoppers are far more likely to buy something (or try to haggle for it) if it has a price.  They are also more likely to buy multiple items if they don't have to ask how much each individual item is before they buy.  These stickers don't have to say a price per say, but can be grouped in price categories by color, for instance.  All this labeling is easy to do as you unload everything from the car rental.

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