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Foodie Tour by Car Hire: Third Avenue Cafe

Finding tasty, unique food wherever you travel is a major highlight of vacationing by car rental.  In fact, a growing group of travelers around the world base their destinations and itinerary entirely around food.  If that sounds like a blast to you, but you're not sure where to go or what to eat there are even modern Foodie Tours that take care of all that for you.  You can also simply pick up your car hire at the airport wherever you touchdown and drive around until the right restaurant catches your eye.

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On my most recent travels by car rental in the United States I didn't need any pre-packaged guide to know where to find the most local and eclectic eats, I simply asked the locals.  Of all the places I found my favorite by far was the Third Avenue Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky.  When it comes to what you would look for in one-of-a-kind local establishments Third Avenue Cafe has everything you could ask for and more; a stellar menu, hip and kitschy decor, and an incredibly local feel.  

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First and foremost: the food.  The food at Third Avenue Cafe has a broad palate.  Dishes draw inspiration from classic diner items like the ruben sandwich to asian inspired noodle plates.  A huge attraction of their menu for vegetarians is although it is completely omnivorous, nearly everything on the menu can be made vegetarian or completely vegan, and they even have vegan-friendly fryers (that's a fryer that is not used for meet or cheese).  Top it all off with their unbelievable desserts and Third Avenue Cafe might just be the most memorable stop on your tour by car rental as well.

Now, if the food isn't enough to stick in your mind, you're sure not to forget Elvis sitting at the front door, and that's just the beginning of the unique and fantastic decor here.  Cinching in their spot as a Louisville favorite, Third Avenue Cafe has a lovely mural above their stage of the victorian houses that line Old Louisville streets.  The rest of the decor is a colorful mash-up of old pharmacy, french bordello, and your grandma's house.  If you're working on your own Foodie Tour list of destinations by car hire be sure to add Third Avenue Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky.

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