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Foodie Secrets: Kansas City, Missouri

You may be surprised by the delicious foods that can be found in some less touristy American cities.  Reading a bit about Kansas City, it seems to have a similar relationship with the dining experience as my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, in that the spread is diverse with some locally famous joints serving up truly outstanding dishes worth writing home about.  Foodies, consider yourselves officially advised: Kansas City, Missouri is a must do and should be on all your lists of destinations to see by car rental in the United States.  

Gates BBQ


Restaurants in Kansas City compete over barbecue like its some sort of sport.  Competition is good.  Its healthy (although it might not make BBQ any healthier to eat), it drives quality and standards higher, and in the case of food, flavor.  Though you will find the unusually thick, tangy sauce to be a common thread and Kansas City characteristic, no two barbecue joints you visit by car rental in Kansas City will be exactly the same.  Authur Bryant's serves up a single sandwich that's big enough to feed two people, Jack Stack brings an heir of class to the notoriously sloppy dish, and Haywards has the juiciest Burnt End.


Not just about the food, steakhouses in Kansas City have atmosphere.  They have cultural appeal.  Some even have history.  801 Chophouse features an interior from the 1920's, complete with leather booths, cherry wood furnishings and granite counter tops.  Jess and Jim's is one of the top steakhouses in the nation and is said to be a favorite of president Clinton, though I read recently he went veggie.

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