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Bad Driving in the USA


The safety level of driving a car rental when traveling depends on many factors; the conditions of the roads, the driving regulations and presence of law enforcement, but by far the greatest factor affecting your safety is the driving personality of the population.  Frequent travelers know that although the driving habits of two individual residents of any city may be very different when compared side by side, each city around the world tends to have its own driving personality.  When renting a car in the United States of America what kind of driving should a traveler prepare for?

Find out which cities are the most dangerous for driving, in today's LiveScience GoFigure infographic.

An excellent quick reference to gauge the safety of your upcoming travel by car rental in the United States was created by the good people at  The Infographic above"Cities With Most Dangerous Drivers" was created using various statistics including the rate of fatal crashes, percentage of fatalities involving alcohol, speeding, and even cellphone usage laws.  I was a bit shocked to see several big cities missing from the list of the most dangerous drivers, such as New York and Chicago, which obviously have effective driving laws in place although drivers in these cities are notoriously aggressive.

In general, there are several gripes drivers in the United States have about "bad drivers".  On they posted about the worst things bad drivers do, and among the greatest offenses were "weaving" and "cutting in front of other cars".  Commenters on the post touched on some of my biggest driving peeves: texting/talking on a cell phone and driving, putting on makeup, driving too slow in the left lane, and making turns without using turn signals!

What are your biggest driving complaints?  Where do you think the worst drivers in the United States are?  Where are the worst drivers in the world?  Save the most on your next trip to the United States with a cheap car rental from

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