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Salamanca Astronaut Carving

Among Spain's cathedrals are some fun finds that have kicked up a little controversy recently.  Located in the lovely town of Salamanca are two cathedrals definitely worth seeing on your tour of Spain by car rental, controversy or not.  Add Salamanca to your itinerary for the upcoming winter holiday in Spain.

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Circling through websites, blogs, and even making an appearance on a highly acclaimed episode of "Ancient Aliens" from the Discovery Channel, the New Cathedral (Catedral Nueva) in Salamanca features a collection of seemingly out-of-place carvings, the most famous of which is a modern day astronaut.  Suited up in 20th century style all the way down to the detail on his boots, imaginations ran wild and word spread like wildfire about ancient aliens, time travel, and a nearly 1,000 year old carving.

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While its fun to think something so amazingly interesting could go virtually unnoticed until now, it simply isn't so.  So amazing, that is.  Though the cathedrals in Salamanca are both ornate and fascinating, only one dates back over 900 years, and it is not the one with the astronaut.  Among its carvings are a demon eating an ice cream cone, and though we would all be thrilled to believe he and the astronaut were created at least 400 years ago along with the rest of the Catedral Nuevo, they were most likely added during a recent renovation in 1991.

Salamanca does not have its own international airport, but it is easy to reach from Barcelona Airport by car rental.  You can also drive to Salamanca from Malaga Airport car rental

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