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Chill out, you're in Menorca

If you have chosen Menorca as destination, it's better to leave the stress at home. Such a great place needs to be enjoyed slowly, step by step, without looking at your watch. Visitors say that in Menorca time doesn't seem to matter, life goes by in a slower pace. For me, a minimum of one week is necessary to know the island, although 15 days would be ideal.

You may think that's too much, for such a tiny island, but that is precisely the reason why it should be given enough time to enjoy every town, every cove, every spot... let Menorca uncover itself to your eyes little by little, no rush. It has been long said the best way to tour the island  is to hire a car in Menorca, and I have to say it's true. If you want to see the beaches, public transportation will only take you to the urban ones, as usual there's no bus service to virgin areas.

In addition to a car hire you may also like to try bicycling, there are many rural trails you can tour with different duration and intensity options. You might opt to do some hiking as well, when the heat is not too high. Institutions have tried for the last years to recover and old trail boarding the island, called "camí de cavalls" (horses trail), through which you can only pass walking, bicycling or horse riding, it allows you to board the coast and access incredible hidden spots. These and other trails are conveniently signposted for an easy tracking. Following the signs, along with a map, some water and appropriate shoes, adventure is guaranteed. Cami de Cavalls, MenorcaThis is an image of one of the beautiful spots found through Cami de Cavalls Book your Menorca car hire vehicle with us and benefit from great discounts today.

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