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Green Architecture Reaches New Heights in Milan


Get inspired by the new frontier in green architecture with a visit by car rental to Milan, Italy.  Here, in the heart of one of Italy's largest cities, amidst sky scrapers, smog, and traffic a forest is springing up.  Directly up, as in vertical!  Currently under construction, the 27-story Bosco Verticale designed by Stefano Boeri will be the world's first vertical forest.  You can come see for yourself and enjoy beautiful Italy with a car rental from Milan Airport.

Called "devices for the environmental survival of contemporary European cities", the design of Bosco Verticale and similar projects will "produce humidity, absorb CO2 and dust particles, producing oxygen and protect from radiation and acoustic pollution, improving the quality of living spaces and saving energy."  The implications are monumental.  

Slated to be an apartment complex, I predict with any level of success this project will be copied and repeated for commercial construction and office buildings in the near future.  What business in today's modern green-focused economy wouldn't want to be located in a vertical urban forest?  I can't wait for hotels and other travel-related businesses to catch on.  You can look to for more news on the Bosco Verticale, as well as other building initiatives that integrate plant life into their facades.

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