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Winter Driving in Germany by car hire

If you enjoy driving for the pure pleasure of it, the thrill of operating a high performance machine, and stunningly beautiful scenery, you're in luck!  We have the best deals on luxury, sports, 4x4, 7 seater, and even economy car rentals for a drive down the world's favorite freeway; the Autobahn in Germany.  Germany has several excellent attractions that well justify putting it at the top of your winter holiday list.  Why not plan your winter vacation in Germany today with a car hire from Munich Airport.

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German Cars Are Cool

If you in any way disagree with the above statement I could only assume you in some way misunderstand.  Germany even makes soccer moms feel cool with fun seven seater car rentals like the Volkswagen Touran.  The cars Germany makes are so cool (Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche) the only place you can find out how cool they are is in Germany because it's illegal to enjoy them to their full potential anywhere other than the Autobahn.  

Skiing in Germany is Cool

OK, you could take this one quite literally if you like, but Germany does offer Glacier skiing in addition to excellent Alpine and Cross Country opportunities.  All that's just you'll find on the slopes though.  The coolest part about a Winter Skiing in Germany is the stunning scenery of places like Germany's Black Forest.  Great beer puts it on the map as well during your ski vacation by car rental.


Germans are known for it.  You can bet on a warm welcome no matter what your reason for spending the winter holidays in Germany.  World travelers agree, Germany is one of the most hospitable and easy to travel countries by car rental.

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