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Victory Over GM Corn in Costa Rica

Food, food, food on the brain.  If you like to eat you probably feel the same.  Travelers by car rental can't help but eat, and for many that task is the most serious of their traveles.  On a personal mission to sample and critique the foods of the world, my foodie friends are constantly in search of the newest, best, and now perhaps the purest foods?  While many may just be concerned with flavor, if you're also interested in avoiding the mutations of genetically modified Monsanto seeds add Costa Rica to your list of tasty car hire destinations.

Traditional corn in Belize

As was recently announced in the Birth of a New Earth blog that after facing much opposition from social groups in Costa Rica Monsanto will sew their seeds elsewhere, presumably in countries where "conditions are less critical and more permissive."  Thanks to the efforts of a brave minority Monsanto is leaving Costa Rica, but the Biodiversity Network of Costa Rica warns neighboring countries to beware; Monsanto is looking for a country where it can "sell its transgenic crops without much noise."

This is a bold move considering Costa Rica's ties to the United States and its strong government entanglement with GM, in particular GM corn.  For more information on how the United States treats those who oppose GM crops check out this article from the Guardian about the US response to France's ban on GM corn.  

If you feel strongly about the issue you may want to limit you car rental travels to places who have committed to avoiding the Franken-foods.   Luckily, these include some of the world's most popular travel destinations, such as Greece, France, much of Italy (around 25 provinces in all), Switzerland, and Germany, among others.  For a more complete listing of GMO-free countries check this list on

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