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Six Seater Car Rental Vehicles

When it comes to renting a vehicle for friends or family most of us are familiar with the popular 7 seater rental cars like the Ford Galaxy 7 seater car hire, the Renault Espace, or the Volkswagen Touran.  These multi passenger vehicles, though each with its unique features, all offer the same 2+3+2 or 2+2+3 seating layout - a standard minivan seating arrangement.

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This car hire design is so popular because it works for a wide range of traveling groups and families.  Family minivans like the Ford Galaxy 7 seater car rental have great captain seats up front for mom and dad, three seats in the middle that fit two car seats well, two adults, or three children; and the rear most seats are great for kids or small adults.  A few of the seven seater rental cars were designed with seven adults in mind, such as the Fiat Ulysee car hire, but those are not as common.

With the six seater car rentals we see car designs that are similar to seven seater cars but with a console where a center seat would be, like in the six seater Mercedes-Benz R-Class car hire.  In this instance the seats are arranged in three rows of two.  This may be great for luxury and space, but it doesn't make the vehicle any smaller than your average multi-passenger cars.  

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Then there are the stand-outs.  The few, the bold, and the different: the six seater cars that have two rows of three seats!  The whole dynamic of the vehicle changes when a third passenger gets to sit in the front.  These car rentals include the Honda FR-V car hire and the Fiat Multipla.  It seems like it would be a little unfair as a family car, as in "why does Susie get to sit up front with mom and dad?", and even in groups of adults it seems a bit odd, seeing how we are all so used to the 'two seats in the front' dynamic.  However, I can see it being great fun for three friends or a family of three.  Why shouldn't everyone get to enjoy the best view of oncoming scenery.

Obvious concerns with widening the cab for a third seat include difficulty for the driver viewing his position on the road as well as fitting into regular parking spots.  In reviews I've read of the Honda FR-V car rental this is not a concern.  While drivers say the feel definitely different, its not enough to change your perspective on the road, and the width of the car is still slimmer than many trucks and SUVs, making it simple enough to find a space as well as parallel park.

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